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Universal Windows Direct of Athens

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“Universal Windows Direct’s mission is to provide the highest-quality home improvement products at the best market prices possible, while delivering a first-class customer experience.”
Welcome to Universal Windows Direct of Athens, Georgia—your reliable resource for outstanding replacement windows, entry doors, roofing, and vinyl siding with tremendous value. We’re one of the best window companies in Athens for homeowners who need energy efficient products that last a lifetime. We’re proud residents of the community of Athens and we’re ready to knock your socks off with incredible products, expert installation, and an industry-leading warranty.
Universal Windows Direct of Athens


Replacement vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct utilize only 100% virgin vinyl and will never rot, fade, chip, or peel. Compared to lower quality products on the market that utilize recycled vinyl or cheap filler, our premium replacement windows will provide your home with a lifetime of lasting beauty. Available in a wide array of styles, no matter what type of windows you plan on replacing, Universal Windows Direct is able to match your home’s existing window styles or replace them with a style that suits your personal taste or functional needs. Your replacement windows are designed by you during your consultation with the aesthetic features you desire to match your home’s existing style and decor. Available in a plethora of colors and with a variety of glass styles and grid options to choose from, the look of your new windows are a truly unique creation for your home and guaranteed to give your home the perfect new look.

The most popular product at Universal Windows Direct; our double hung windows are engineered with you, the home owner, in mind. These windows will not only improve the overall look of your home, it will also increase the energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable and more enjoyable. For added convenience, the top and bottom sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. Just imagine how much time and money you will save! Our double hung windows feature our Super Spacer system. This all-foam formula separates the panes of glass in the window, and conduct less heat and cold than conventional metal spacers. This provides the window with the warmest possible edge giving it amazing thermal performance. All double hung windows offered by Universal Windows Direct are custom made and installed to guarantee a perfect fit every time. By custom manufacturing all of our products, we allow you the home owner, the opportunity to customize the exact style for your home.

  • Double Hung Window

  • Picture Windows with Double Hung Flankers

  • Twin Double Hung Windows

Crank-out windows feature UniShield® making them highly energy efficient, adding a new dimension of comfort to your home while keeping your energy bills low. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, our casement and awning windows will give you a lifetime of consistent, reliable operation and never ending beauty.

  • Casement Window

  • Picture Window with Casement Flankers

  • Two-Lite Casement Window

  • Hopper Window

  • Awning Window

  • Picture Window over Hopper Window

The perfect way to expand your living space is to add a bay or bow window. You’ll appreciate the breathtaking view and you’ll take comfort knowing that your bay or bow is also saving money with its energy efficient design. These elegant windows virtually require no maintenance at all and provide your home with a beautiful new look. As with all of our UniShield® windows, our bays and bows are available with a plethora of options and upgrades, allowing you to custom design the perfect window for your home.

  • Bay Window

  • Bow Window

Sliding windows are ideal for homeowners who appreciate an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They create a wide viewing area in any room while maintaining the convenience of operable sashes for ventilation. Our sliding windows are available with the same color, grid and glass options as all of our UniShield® windows. All of our windows are custom made and professionally installed, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

  • Sliding Window

  • Three-Lite Sliding Window (Quarter/Half/Quarter)

  • Three-Lite Sliding Window (Third/Third/Third)

Picture windows are windows that cannot be opened but provide an unprecedented view to the world outside. This allows you to maximize your glass space while allowing the natural beauty of the outdoors to become part of a room’s decor. These windows come with the same features that are found on all UniShield® windows and can be combined with double-hung, casement, and sliding windows to achieve a balance between form and function. Picture windows from Universal Windows Direct also feature our Triple Seal System; a revolutionary window sealing system that blocks air and moisture from escaping or entering.

Picture windows are also available in non-traditional shapes such as an octagons, trapezoids, and arches . These windows bring new meaning to the word “custom”, as they can greatly enhance the character of both contemporary and traditional homes. Above all, our shaped picture windows allow you to give your home a unique touch while keeping it energy efficient.

  • Extended Leg Half Round

  • Eyebrow

  • Extended Leg Eyebrow and Picture Window with Double Hung Flakers

  • Mulled Casements and Trapezoids

  • Octagon

  • Pentagon

Turn your kitchen window into a mini greenhouse with a garden window from Universal Windows Direct. Our garden windows are specifically designed for the homeowner with a green thumb. This three-dimensional vinyl window brings the sunshine in and makes a beautiful setting for herb gardens and plants. Garden windows come with a fully welded vinyl frame and reinforced with steel and aluminum giving your window a lifetime of seamless, strong, and pristine beauty and operation.

  • White

  • White Quartz

  • Vanilla Sugar

  • Almond

  • Black Pearl

  • Platinum Granite

Universal Windows Direct of Athens

Home Siding

Get a new home at the same address with home siding from Universal Windows Direct! Our siding is one of the best investments you can make for your home and will add a lifetime of lasting beauty and value. Home siding systems, including vinyl siding, shakes, scallops, soffit, and more expertly installed by Universal Windows Direct will provide your home with a lifetime of lasting beauty and color. Thanks to new technologies that blend intelligent design with exceptional features your best choice for an updated home exterior is an easy one!

One of the most popular home improvement projects is the replacement of a home’s existing siding. We offer a system of superior products, combined with expert installation to make this project fast, easy and affordable. Our exclusive UniShield Vinyl Siding offers endearing looks and enduring performance, making your vision for your home a reality. All of our vinyl siding delivers the warmth and quality appearance of wood without the costly, time-consuming maintenance and repairs.

Superior panel thickness and an advanced lock design provide superior rigidity and exceptional holding power, keeping panels straight and tight in the most extreme of conditions. UniShield siding has been tested extensively and rated to withstand virtually anything that Mother Nature may throw at, including gail-force winds, hail, as well as snow and ice during the winter.

Vinyl siding from Universal Windows Direct is the perfect siding for homeowners who want outstanding performance, exceptional quality and value, as well as a gorgeous appearance for their home.

Supreme Siding

Siding Image

Supreme series siding is top of the line option for homeowners who desire the absolute best that is available. UniShield Supreme series siding is available in 25, UV-resistant, stunning colors to keep your home looking brand-new year round.

  • Heavy-gauge panels ensure structural rigidity and strength
  • Color is blended throughout the siding looking new, year-round
  • Low gloss cedar wood grain appearance without the maintenance of real wood
  • Enhanced shadow lines, mimicks real wood
  • Double nail rolled hem securely fastens panels to structure to withstand the elements
  • Double lifetime, non-pro-rated warranty
  • Available in XL and XXL extended lengths for fewer laps

Premium Siding

UniShield Premium siding is by far our most popular choice for replacement vinyl siding. This appealing series offers traditional, designer and Colonial Beaded profiles, endless color options and features an even-textured wood-grain pattern that captures the appearance of natural wood beautifully.

  • Thick vinyl ensures structural rigidity and strength
  • Available in traditional clapboard or beveled edge dutch lap
  • Low gloss, cedar wood grain appearance without the maintenance of real wood
  • Enhanced shadow lines, mimicks real wood
  • Double nail rolled hem securely fastens panels to structure to withstand the elements
  • Double-lifetime, non-pro-rated warranty
  • Available in vertical pattern for a unique look
Siding Image

Classic Siding

Siding Image

Classic siding is designed to appeal to virtually every type of homeowner, combining value, good-looks and outstanding quality at a surprisingly affordable price point. Available in 18 contemporary colors, textures and designs, our Classic series siding is a solid choice for everyone from architects and builders to homeowners.

  • Available in traditional clapboard or beveled edge dutch lap
  • Low gloss, cedar wood grain appearance without the maintenance of real wood
  • Roll-top nail hem for increased structural performance and tighter fit
  • Double-lifetime, non-pro-rated warranty

Does your home have an entry way or peak that you would like to highlight? Or maybe it’s a gable or dormers where you want to emphasize your home’s beauty. If that’s the case, the perfect choice is vinyl shakes, scallops, and soffit installed by Universal Windows Direct.

Get the look you want without the care or maintenance. It’s a hard-to-beat combination!

Siding Image


You’ll swear it’s real – the look, the feel – with our shakes you’ll get all the rich elegance that cedar shakes bring to a home. That’s because our shakes have an authentic grain, molded from actual cedar.

Siding Image


Turn your home into a statement with our premium scallops – highlight gables, window boxes and eave edges or creating fireze boards and bands.

Siding Image


Enhance the beauty of eaves, porches and entryways. Or, create an elegant vertical siding installation at entrances, gable ends, or even entire walls.

Siding Image

Fullback Underlayment

Fullback contoured insulation conforms perfectly to the shape of our vinyl siding providing maximum energy savings, improved vapor flow, added durability and additional sound proofing.

Siding Image

Trimworks Accessories

Used to frame doors, windows, outside corners and other highly visible accent areas; Trimworks features the elegant graciousness of their wood counterparts, but they eliminate upkeep.

Siding Color Options

    Traditional Colors
  • Glacier White

    Glacier White

  • Juniper Ridge

    Juniper Ridge

  • Antique Parchment

    Antique Parchment

  • Natural Linen

    Natural Linen

  • Platinum Gray

    Platinum Gray

  • Coastal Sage

    Coastal Sage

  • Cape Cod Gray

    Cape Cod Gray

  • Mystic Blue

    Mystic Blue

  • Adobe Cream

    Adobe Cream

  • Maple


  • Monterey Sand

    Monterey Sand

  • Vintage Wicker

    Vintage Wicker

  • Tuscan Clay

    Tuscan Clay

    Architectural Colors
  • Ageless Slate

    Ageless Slate

  • Fired Brick

    Fired Brick

  • Flagship Brown

    Flagship Brown

  • Mountain Fern

    Mountain Fern

  • Riviera Dusk

    Riviera Dusk

  • Rustic Timber

    Rustic Timber

  • Sterling Gray

    Sterling Gray

  • Canyon Drift

    Canyon Drift

  • Deep Moss

    Deep Moss

  • Harbor Blue

    Harbor Blue

  • Storm


  • Deep Espresso

    Deep Espresso

  • Musket Brown

    Musket Brown*

  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue

  • Laguna Blue

    Laguna Blue

  • Charcoal Smoke

    Charcoal Smoke

  • Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

Universal Windows Direct of Athens


Boost your home’s curb appeal and keep your family secure with a new, custom engineered Entry Door from Universal Windows Direct! Front and patio door styles come available with either a steel or fiberglass skin and can withstand the harshest weather conditions thanks to their energy efficient foam core. Available in a wide variety of glass styles and with available options such as sidelights and transoms, you’re sure to find the perfect entry door for your home. Sliding glass doors are made from the same quality materials as our windows and provide your home with many of the same energy saving benefits in addition to increased security. Replace your entry door with a new door from Universal Windows Direct and get the best value in safety, energy efficiency, and beauty.
Universal Windows Direct of Athens

Roof Replacement

When it comes to your roof, homeowners need to choose top quality products in order to protect their home against the harshest weather conditions. Universal Windows Direct is proud to be an Owens Corning® Preferred Contractor—making us one of leading roofing companies in the industry. This means that our roofing products are top-of-the-line in terms of quality and performance, and homeowners can expect their new roof to protect their home for years to come.

Owens Corning® has engineered their top-of-the-line roofing products and materials to withstand a variety of seasonal fluctuations and elements, from winter sleet to spring rain. These premium materials ensure you get maximum protection and duration for your roof for the lifetime of your home.

Roofing is currently only available in select markets. Contact your local UWD location for availability.

Your roof is the armor of your home. It shields against rain and hail, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable—no matter the weather or temperature outdoors. Without quality roofing your home may be prone to leaks, mold, and higher energy bills. Premium roofing is an investment for your home but the right roof can last for years and provide ultimate protection against the elements.

Why Choose Universal Windows Direct For Your Roofing?

Siding Image

Universal Windows Direct uses high-grade materials to construct some of the most durable roofs on the market. Our superior roofing systems are designed to keep water out of your home. By using a multi-layer system, you can expect the highest standards in roofing in protection from Universal Windows Direct.

Although aesthetics are important to many homeowners, the engineering of your roof plays a critical role in its performance. Universal Windows Direct uses premium materials to help bring your new roof from average to exceptional.

Engineered For Quality and Innovation

Owens Corning® shingles will exceed your expectations in terms of quality. These shingles are heavier and more durable than most competitor products of comparable quality. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your roof will last for years while complementing your home at the same time. Universal Windows Direct carries three lines of available Owens Corning® shingles, which provide multiple benefits and features for homeowners, including:

  • Exceptional performance: Your roof will out perform and outlast the competition.
  • Enhanced wind resistance: Protection against winds of up to 130 miles per hour.
  • Durability: Owens Corning® shingles are one of the most durable roofing options in the entire industry.
  • Standard Product Limited Warranty* Coverage: Includes an initial warranty coverage period for the purchased product. Ask your representative at Universal Windows Direct for more information.
  • Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty* Coverage: Includes extended warranty coverage period in addition to warranty on workmanship.

Universal Windows Direct stands apart from other roofing companies due to our quality products and attention to detail. In order to maximize the efficiency of your roof, it must be properly installed with top-of-the-line materials.

Siding Image

ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment

Other roofing companies cut corners and choose a felt underlayment, which is prone to rips and tears. It can also cause water damage to your home and it is costly to repair. Universal Windows Direct uses the premium quality ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment for providing ultimate protection for your roof.

Siding Image

VentSure® InFlow® Vent

This venting system has a versatile design built for soffitless, open-soffit and traditional roofs. You also get the extra benefit of excellent added protection against wind-driven rain. This system can be installed at the eave, or at mid-roof, and helps compliment your roof with a clean, smooth profile.

Siding Image

ProEdge® Hip & Ridge

This feature helps accent the ridgelines of your roof, and by using pre-cut corners you get perfect detailing on all corners and edges.

Siding Image

Weatherlock® G

Your new roof from Universal Windows Direct will also include Weatherlock® G, which utilizes a Granulated Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier to prevent against water penetration and roof damage. Weatherlock® G also has built in tear resistance technology to prevent cracking and breaking during the installation process.

Siding Image


By using a 4-foot strip heat & moisture ridge vent, VentSure® allows your roof to properly vent moisture out of your attic that may become trapped from severe weather conditions. Also available for purchase with an optional Weather PROtector® Moisture Barrier.

Siding Image

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is an alternative to single weaving in valleys of your roof. Resorting to shingle weaving results in an overall cheaper appearance and is prone to leaks—although it requires less work. Metal flashing in the valley upgrades the appearance of your roof. It also lasts much longer than shingle weaving and is not prone to leaks.

Roofing Aesthetics and Color Options

Your roof may serve as the armor of your home, but there’s no denying that it makes a big impact on curb appeal. Although the standard roof color is black, that doesn’t mean you have to make your home blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. At Universal Windows Direct, we offer multiple options and color blends for your new roof. Owens Corning® shingles are one of the industries most popular and beautiful options to add to your home. They’re perfectly engineered for consistency, ensuring that you’ll receive the exact color that you requested.

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