At some point, all entry doors inevitably experience wear and tear from exposure to the elements. This can result in everything from cracks and scratches to water damage and mold growth, making a window replacement an essential part of maintaining your home or business.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if your entry door needs a replacement, which is why we’ve gathered 4 key signs to keep in mind when checking your entry door for damage. Read below.

4 Essential Signs You Need To Replace Your Entry Door

  • Air Leak

One of the biggest signs that your entry door needs replacing is if you notice excessive air leakage. A properly installed and tightly sealed entry door will keep hot and cold air in and moisture out. If you notice drafty areas near your entry door, this could signify that it has started to deteriorate.

  • Moisture Between Glass Panes

If you notice moisture or condensation between your glass panes, this is another sign that it’s time to replace your entry door. A well-maintained and properly sealed entry door will prevent water from getting inside your home and help keep the interior of your home dry and comfortable.

  • Water And Insect Damage

If you notice water and insect damage around your entry door, it’s a clear sign that it is starting to wear out and needs to be replaced. A high-quality entry door will provide your home with excellent security and protection against the elements. So if you’re noticing any of these signs, consider investing in a new entry door today.

  • Rusted, Dented, Or Damaged Entry Door

Finally, if your entry door shows signs of rust, dents, or other damage, it’s time to replace it. A high-quality entry door should look great and function perfectly for many years, so if yours is not up to par, it’s time to invest in a new one. 

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