4 Popular Types Of Bay Windows For Your Home In Athens, GA

Are you in the market for new windows? Maybe your old windows are drafty and need replacement, or you want to renew your house aesthetic. Windows are a big investment, so you’d better invest in the best: bay window replacement. Bay windows have been a popular architectural feature in homes for centuries. They can completely change the aesthetic of any house. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of bay windows for you to make the best choice for your window installation.

4 Popular Types Of Bay Windows Among Homeowners

Are you considering bay window replacement? Here are 4 popular types to choose from:

Canted Bay Windows

Victorian homes frequently feature canted bay windows owing to building regulations that were changed in the 1890s. If you pick a classic-style home in Indianapolis, you’ll most likely find these windows.

Canted bay windows have an angled projection. This type of window is usually installed in rooms that need more light, such as dens or bedrooms. The front pane of the window is straight and parallel to the house exterior, while the sides slant out.

Bay Window Oriel

You can find this type of window in Tudor, Elizabethan, and Georgian-style homes. The oriel window was first used in the 14th century and gained popularity in Europe during the 16th century.

An oriel window is basically a bay window that projects from the first floor level of a home. Decorative brackets or corbels support it. The back of the window is curved, matching the slant of the home’s exterior; however, the front pane is flat and parallel to it.

Box Bay Windows

This type of window is the most popular among homeowners because it offers an unobstructed view and plenty of sunlight. It’s also very simple to clean and maintain, which is essential for people who live in high-rise apartments.

A box bay window is a three-sided window that projects from the house at a 90-degree angle. It’s square or rectangular and has either casement or double-hung windows on the sides. The front part of the window is usually a large picture window.

Bow Bay Windows

A bow window is similar to a box bay window; however, the front part of the window is arched. It’s an excellent choice for homes with a lot of character because it can add charm and curb appeal.

Box-style bay windows are smaller and can only be used as decorative features. They don’t provide nearly as much natural light or interior space as free-standing bay windows because they aren’t supported outside.

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