Ultimate Checklist For Window Installation Day

Planning to replace your old windows? Don’t let the excitement of remodeling and renovating your home distract you from some essential steps required when installing your new windows.

Here is a checklist for window installation day to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. We’ll cover all the important points you should consider to ensure you don’t miss anything on the installation day.

7 Things You Must Do Before Installation Day

1. Contact Your Contractor Before The Installation Day

Before the installation day, contact your contractor to confirm the start time. That allows you to make any last-minute changes and provides a good opportunity for you and your contractor to discuss any unanswered questions that might have come up.

2. Remove Blinds, Curtains, And Alarms

To make sure the process goes smoothly and help your contractor efficiently install the windows, remove any curtains, blinds, or alarms connected to the window frames. That will avoid any unnecessary delays on the installation day.

3. Clear Space Around Windows

Be sure to clear any furniture and objects from the surrounding area of your windows. That will give your contractor enough space to work and prevent potential damage to your belongings during the process.

4. Cover Furnishings

It’s best to cover your furniture with plastic or drop cloth before installation day. That is to protect any valuable belongings from dirt, dust, and other debris created during the job.

5. Create A Plan For Kids, Pets, And Life At Home

With the dust and noise that comes with window installation, it’s best to make arrangements for your pets and kids. Consider having them stay with family or friends during the job so they don’t get disturbed.

6. Clear The Outside Space Around Windows

It is also important to keep the outside area around your windows clear. If you have any plants or bushes near them, trim them before installation day.

7. Schedule A Walk-Through With Your Contractor

Once your contractor is done with the job, scheduling a walk-through with them is best. That allows you and your contractor to ensure everything looks good before they leave, and you can address any issues before it’s too late.

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